Jan 30, 2011

Facebook vs LinkedIn vs Twitter.Who rules?

I know that people may consider me crazy man when I write about these 3 prime social networks.
Questions like “Do you know what’s the scale of these networks?” and “How long have you been in the market?” or “What type of experience do you have about marketing via social networks?” may appear to your head when you read the title of this article, and I’m going to give a simple answer “I’m going to review them from my point of view as a user”.

Really wasn’t able to prevent myself from writing this article, I’ve been thinking about it and making discussions about it from a long time, but usually discussing this with these networks believers usually leads to a blocked road, so I  decided to collect all my ideas and place them In one place maybe I could stop thinking and talking about it.
Please note that the below article is built from an entertainment point of view not from business point of view cause I know that I don’t have the enough internet marketing knowledge and case studies.
Ok, it’s enough let the show begin.
Below is a little research I’ve done over Google and the social networks itself using 2 simple keywords “Rocks” and “Sucks” in order to get what people say about each network,


  1. It’s easy and faster to get to know people you admire. With integration with windows live, Skype, yahoo, Gmail and a generic tool that could import from any other account
  2. Very smart friend suggestions
  3. The ability to suggest friends you may know so you can help your friends to enrich their networks
  4. Content spreading is amazing, you can easily see all your friend spreading a new published video in no time
  5. Games with the ability to compete your friends
  6. FaceBook Platform to develop applications to be added to the FaceBook community and used by people on FaceBook
  7. You’ll find all kind of lost friends using the different groups with your school, university or your club name
  8. Events
  9. Groups & Private groups with private chat inside groups -feature just added -
  10. You don’t have to use these stupid # to be listed in the search cause it’s searching in all user contents
  11. It’s easy to hide friends that you may not want to see their updates (Fans for rival team when your team loose )
  12. Easy to block application so you’ll not receive invitation from them again

Bad at:

  1. Annoying ads
  2. They changed the design of the website 2 times without any respect to the groups voices or at least without sending users good explanations
  3. The fan pages with “like to view contents” are annoying
  4. Spam applications that need to be


  1. Self-promotion and visibility Again, LinkedIn profiles are made especially for self-promotion and career advancement.
  2. Want a new job? Need to make the switch and go freelance full time? Want to joint venture and start your own company? LinkedIn is THE social networking site to go.
  3. No spam
  4. Want to hire new employees and start searching for them and for their qualifications without making an add leads to close your mailbox or without spending money, this is the correct place
  5. Let you know more info about the company before you make the interview, the average number of employees, the qualifications, the new hires, the layoffs and it’ll be easy to know more about the person who’ll interview you
  6. Rich friend import tool to prevent you from being lonely in the island

Bad at:

  1. Very bad design -Based on more than review-
  2. Misleading friend suggestions -Not relevant-
  3. Premium accounts?!! The only social network to have this


  1. It is fundamentally an SMS bulletin board that you can post to and read from anything to anything.
  2. Twitter becomes an important info-sharing point, as happened in the California fires and in the Chinese earthquake.
  3. You can use it as real-time news feed because a number of News providers, including the BBC and CNN issue News bulletins as tweets. You can even use it to follow the movements of presidential candidates – Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain all have their daily engagements posted on Twitter.
  4. It can be used for PR and marketing. Companies can tweet press announcements with links to web pages containing press releases, marketing collateral, etc because some companies (Oracle for example, use it in this way, those who follow such companies including journalists, analysts and even company staff, can use Twitter as an information feed)
  5. Similarly it can be used for customer relations. H&R Block, for example, uses Twitter for receiving and responding to customer queries. Doing so provides a complete audit trail of questions and answers.
  6. No ads at all

Bad at:

  1. There is a lot of things can’t just be said in 140 character
  2. It destroys “real” conversations, people start talking like aliens (@Hollowman is visiting now #thepyramids, and he is now #drink #Pepsi with @Obama)
  3. When you broadcast you have no idea who is going to read the tweet.
  4. No update when I update my personal info, how could this be social? Let’s just imagine that you’ve “moved to Russia”. You tweet “Gehad is now gone, so call me Gehadov please” or something of that ilk and you expect everyone to get the message. But they’ll only get the message if they watched your personal update that you’ve changed your country.
  5. The only way to show to your friend that you liked his tweet is to retweet it, I may like it but I don’t want to tweet it
  6. There is no notification when somebody retweet your tweets
  7. Misleading friend suggestions -Not relevant-
  8. What kind of stupid import tool that it’s only feature is to invite who’s not on twitter!!! I want to know who’s on twitter and their accounts so I can follow them
  9. Use the API to develop applications and make them run on your website cause twitter platform doesn’t allow applications
  10. No events
  11. No groups

My final conclusion:


  • The best place ever to market for free using well formed tweets
  • It’s a “Short Message Bulletin Board” or “Micro Blogging” or “Status Update Tool”


  • It’s not the correct place to have fun, and it’s the best place to market for yourself and for your company
  • It’s a “Business Oriented Social Network”


  • It’s the best place ever to socialize with your friends and to have fun with them
  • It’s a “Social Network”
Linked In… To What?

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